Microkini Bikini

The microkini bikini can be best described as a really skimpy two-piece beach outfit, if that is even possible. This type of swimwear typically uses just enough fabric to cover the wearer’s private parts and not much else. It is the bathing suit of the more liberated crowd, and the costume of choice of many adult actresses.


The micro bikini got its start in the 1970s in Venice Beach, California, as a form of protest by beach habitués over recently passed state legislation banning nudity in beaches. The tiny fabrics worn by the protesters that covered only their most sensitive areas was the bare minimum needed to avoid getting arrested and maintain a level of decency. In time, it grew from being a symbol of protest into a beach fashion statement, although the term was not coined until 1995 in an Internet community called the Microkini Enthusiasts’ Group and has since stuck.

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Since many of the first models were hastily assembled, the quality of the materials used was not superior. In time, though, a local shop caught on to the new fad and began designing different and more practical models using better material. And since this was liberal California, before long adult film actresses began wearing them. This all but cemented the skimpy bathing suit’s place in adult movie fashion lore. Even today, many adult films feature actresses wearing microkinis. It is almost impossible to watch an adult movie without seeing at least one performer clad in a thong or microkini bikini. On the beach, they are known as extreme swimwear that fills a specific need for those who wish to flaunt their skin but are not quite bold or comfortable enough with doing beach nudity.

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In keeping with the whole purpose of this fashion statement, only thin straps of garment are used to hold the two-piece outfit in place. The fabric is just enough to cover genitalia, the crack of the buttocks and the nipples of the wearer. Everything else is visible to the naked eye, and little is left to the imagination. Aside from the aforementioned adult film actresses, they are generally worn by those who wish to stretch to the limits and challenge just how tiny this type of beachwear can be.

Because the bottom part was always small to begin with, the top part is also composed of tiny fabric. In some cases, though, the wearer opts for no tops at all, since the bottom part is seen as the most suitable swimwear of the topless crowd.

It takes a certain amount of daring and confidence to wear this type of clothing. If you do decide to strap one on, just make sure you’ve got something to flaunt.

microkini bikini

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