Extreme Microkini

An extreme microkini is really pushing the bikini to the extreme. It entails the use of the least, least, least amount of fabric as humanly possible. Some people call it the pubkini, “pub” being short for “pubic.” The fabric, or lack thereof, borders already on the indecent, and as you can imagine, the most common wearers of this type of swimsuit are adult film stars. In fact, many websites who sell extreme swimwear sometimes tap icons of the porn industry to model their creations. Some of the websites have photos of models so provocative and daring that they have a disclaimer on their homepage warning the viewer that their site contains adult material.

This is not to say, though, that the market for extreme swimwear is limited to the adult film industry. Anyone with enough guts, a drop-dead gorgeous body and the ability to shave in the right places can wear one. Many extreme bikinis have the appearance of a series of strings that just happen to have some patches of fabric in between. They make no pretensions about being swimwear. In fact, they are not swimwear so much as they are seductive and provocative wear, good for getting a tan and showing off your curves.

Different types of this particular beach wear

These skimpy bathing suits are not wanting in the style and design departments, and they are certainly not wanting in names. Indeed, the resourceful shopper can easily discover and choose among a wide variety of designs, including the pony teardrop, the foil arrow, the foil open flame, the electri-kini, the inverted microkini, the jungle zigzag, the chain teardrop two-piece, the barbed teardrop, the patch microbikini, the micro bandeau, the teardrop magikini, the honeycomb, and the teardrop two-piece.

All these different designs are considered high-end in the pricing scale, with many of them retailing for over $70, although cheaper variations can also be found for less half the price. Their designs vary considerably, with some having vertical slants, others horizontal, and still others circular or diamond-shaped. All of them, though, have fabric for the pubic area that is even smaller than the palm of your hand and that for the nipple area even smaller than that. You have strings positioned horizontally, positioned vertically, and positioned in a crisscross manner.

Indeed, the whole purpose of wearing these provocative outfits is to appear nude without actually being nude. The amount of clothing that is actually on your body is so miniscule it will not feel like you are wearing anything. More material can be found in a scarf or even a bonnet.