Microkini Swimwear

Microkini swimwear is pretty tricky in that the whole essence of wearing one is to show off as much of your body as possible without crossing the lines of decency and what is socially acceptable. In other words, most of the time people will not exactly be looking at what you are wearing. But in any case, for the fashion-conscious wearers of this flattering two-piece bathing suit, there are literally hundreds of websites that showcase the latest in fashion trends.


Since these skimpy beachwear are all about wearing as minimal material as possible, one would think that designs for them would not vary too much. On the contrary, wearers for this swimsuit have a wide variety of designs and material to choose from. There are those with triangle-shaped tops, where fabric in the form of tiny triangles cover the nipple area. A variation of this would be even tinier triangles to make up a truly extreme design. There is also the design known as the teardrop triangle, where the top is shaped like an elongated triangle. The triangle-inspired tops match well with similarly shaped bottoms.

Guidelines in buying and wearing these two-piece swimsuits

Although there are numerous online sites as well as traditional shops that sell these bathing suits, sometimes it is best to purchase your swimwear at whatever beach or resort you are planning to visis. As with other forms of swimsuits, choosing the proper color is entirely up to you, although according to some experts yellow is the best.

Since the fabric is at a bare minimum, it is also important to remember to make sure no unsightly pubic hair can be seen. Most women shave, others choose fabric just large enough to cover all of it. Whatever approach you choose, just remember not to let any pubic hair show. It just will not look good.

Another form of these two-piece beachwear known as display suits or exposure suits, that instead of specifically covering up the sensitive parts of the wearer’s body, do their best to emphasize them.

When wearing a micro bikini, think of it as a way to get the best tan possible without the tan lines, and without having to totally strip naked on the beach. In this context, therefore, the smaller the fabric the better. The thing to remember is this: to wear one requires self-confidence. You must be self-assured and proud of your body enough to flaunt almost all of it in a very public place. Otherwise, it will not be worth the effort.

Finally, always remember to retire your skimpy swimsuit once wear and tear has set in. The material tends to lose its elasticity after prolonged use.