String Microkini

A string microkini is simply a type of beachwear with mere strings to hold up the fabric. In a way, the name is a little redundant since a this type of bathing suit is sometimes also known as a string bikini. Supposedly the first bathing suits with string were created more out of necessity than anything else. A Brazilian fashion model named Rose De Primallio had no choice but to sew one together after the fabric given to her for a fashion shoot proved to be insufficient and she had no money to buy more.

Ever since the two-piece swimsuit was first introduced in 1946, designs have evolved in line with the times. While the fabric has shrunk significantly, this has not stopped designers from constantly introducing trendy yet practical minimalist swimwear that have come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Since the most popular versions of bikinis are those with strings, it is but natural for the provocative microkini to have a string version as well. These pieces can either be one continuous thin piece of fabric or tied together.

Of course, such provocative swimwear is not available for just women. For the daring men out there, g-string swimsuits and thongs are available. They closely resemble garments worn by tribal people. It takes total security in one’s body and sexuality for a man to don this flattering piece of swimsuit, and most men still prefer the more traditional swim trunks.

Where to buy these bathing suits

The Internet offers a good number of online stores that hawk microkini swimwear at discounted prices, complete with an online catalog and swimsuit models who demonstrate how to flaunt your assets with the ideal swimwear for your body. The choices of designs and color combinations are aplenty, ranging from traditional swimwear colors to jungle-inspired black-and-white combos and gaudy metallic colors such as metallic red, metallic yellow and metallic blue. Having a minimalist design, with very little fabric and near-invisible strings actually used, apparently does not inhibit trendiness and fashion sense. In fact, it is a perfect marriage of practicality, fashion and minimalism. Look good with less fabric, and get a good tan with practically no tan lines.

The more high-end models retail for anything between $12 to $18, the most expensive of which include such provocative swimwear as the thong and the tear drop that really leave virtually nothing to the imagination. One website even boasts of selling the world’s smallest two-piece beachwear for just under $30. It is the ideal swimwear for the uninhibited beach goer.